Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Volunteering thoughts

So, one of the requirements of the program that I am in is that I have to volunteer 4 hours a week in an underrepresented area. So, I started volunteering. Honestly, I don't really enjoy volunteering. I don't know about you but it is not appealing to me to stand/sit around a clinic for hours while other people do their jobs and then every now and then get asked to go retrieve something from the closet out back. It just feels like a big waste of my time. Granted, if I wasn't volunteering I'd be just wasting my time at home, on the internet, playing video games, watching TV, reading a book...whatever, the point it is would be my free time...my precious free time! I know that I'm going to be very busy once I start medical school and I'd like to spend my free time doing what I like to do for myself! I also don't like that volunteering seems to be the thing you have to do to make yourself "stand out" as a medical school applicant. I don't understand how doing something that everyone else is doing makes you stand out.
anyway, that's my rant about volunteering. I do have to mention that volunteers are great and that some things can't get done without people who volunteer...good for them.


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